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Name: Angelina

Tumblr Name: ohyeah; fuck me, right?

Nicknames: Ang, Angie, & Asian (:

Birthday: December 18

Relationship Status: In A Relationship (:

Random Fact: I hate when people always reblog my photos but never follow me.

Hobbies / Interests: Music, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogging, & Going to new places (:

Do I smoke / drink:  yuuuup/yuuuup

Why Tumblr: Boyfriend’s brother got me into it :D!

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so many people like and reblog my photos, yet no one follows. there’s plenty more shit on here that’s funny. so follow me (: you won’t be let down.

wow. don’t ever let another person’s words get to you. you’re stronger than them.

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